Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."

I chose to title today's blog with this quote because it implies that one should never be afraid to try and attain their dreams because trying and failing is far more admirable than never trying at all. Today, you should each make a list of things you have always wanted to try and do but never had the time. Pick something and go for it.
As we progress rapidly through the editing process, things are coming along beautifully. I'm so proud of this first project. From a writer's prospective it's incredible to see your words come to life, from a Director's prospective it's amazing to see the project you directed flow and tell a story and from the prospective of a young girl who happened to write and direct this project it's the most enviable feeling in the world. I am proud of my cast, my crew, my family and myself because it took every last one of us to make this project happen. I'm proud of Leann and all her hard work to bring to life the character of Addison Hamilton, this has been an incredible experience. We're intending on launching the official Blissful Lies website on Saturday, March 12, keep your eyes open for it. Feel free to chat in the official Blissful Lies chat forum and sign the guest book to let us know you've stopped by!
As for the new project I have been alluding to, I am having my first meeting tomorrow with someone I hope is going to be my partner in my new up coming couture baby line. It's all very exciting. We're looking at launching a baby line in the next several months and then we will begin pre-production for film number two.
As all of these exciting projects are rapidly approaching, I want to thank all of my readers and followers for your avid support.
My daughter is 10 weeks old today and I am enjoying every second of watching her grow. I know that one day, when she's old enough to understand she'll appreciate all the hard work I am doing for her now. I also know that I won't ever wake up wishing I had done more.... will you?

Stay tuned for more updates!
As always,

 XOXO... <3 Jennifer <3

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