Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"It's never too late to be what you might have been" -- George Elliot

I chose to title today's blog with this quote in honor of the lovely interview I did this evening with one of the most amazing fan groups a girl could ask for and a good friend, Leann Hunley.
For a quick update on the film for those of you who are following, we are just about finished with the last stages of post production and everything is coming together amazingly. Thank you for the continued support and don't forget to check for updates on www.blissfullies.com
I often get the question "How do you do it all?" And my response to that is always-- 'You just do it. You do what has to be done, you often have to fight for what little sanity you have and at the end of the day you can reflect and take pride in all of your hard work.' Regardless of your dream, it's worth it.
So, ladies, thank all of you for your constant support and for forming the 'Blissful Divas.' You all are incredible. I gave a piece of advice to someone very near and dear to my heart this evening and I feel it's something I should really share with all of you. Something else I get asked a lot is "what is a piece of advice you would give to someone who is trying to break into this business, get acclimated to this industry, revamp their career or just a young person who is trying to follow their dreams." The best piece of advice I can think of, especially in this industry is 'call it like you see it. More often then not, your initial reaction to something or someone is going to be the most appropriate.' This industry is full of people, situations and circumstances that could change a good, warm hearted person to a cold, unforgiving one. Be careful who you trust, but don't allow your caution to interfere with your passion. Remember that for every one person who doesn't believe in who you are or what you can accomplish, there are ten people who do. So put on your boxing gloves and fight for your dreams. Don't sit around waiting for the moment where things could fall apart, kick some ass and take some names because when it's all over it will be the things you didn't do, not the ones you did, that you will regret the most.

As always,

XOXO... <3 Jennifer <3

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